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Gallery Talk with Artist Maureen Nollette


Grand Rapids Art Museum
101 Monroe Center St NW 49503 Grand Rapids United States
Admission is free

Maureen Nollette Studio will discuss the creation of her work, and how she manipulates material, space, and form as part of a framework that questions the social constructs of debased gender and labor stereotypes.

Maureen Nollette’s work explores the beauty and meaning of repetitive patterns, grid systems, and their collective place within both modern art and traditional textile crafts. She is interested in the perceived value difference between the geometric grid as utilized in modernist art, and the patterning of quilts and other textile crafts that have historically been dismissed as “women’s work.” Though Nollette’s art comments on the tradition of textile crafts, she substitutes household materials like paper, contact paper, and fiberglass mesh for fabric.